Wednesday 21 October 2015

8:00am Registration Desk Opens

Master Class 1

Global Leadership Foundation
Emotionally Healthy Leadership

 Master Class 2

Justice Kofi N Barnes
Meaningful and Effective Interactions with the Criminal Justice System

Master Class 3

Suzanne Vidler
The Complex Issue of Family Violence: Far More Than Just Men Perpetrating Physical Violence Against Women

12:30pm – 1:00pm Network Lunch

Master Class 4

Vaughan Winther
People with Complex Needs and the Criminal Justice System


Master Class 5

Clinical Supervision for Practitioners and Clinicians in the Criminal Justice System

Master Class 6

Jerry Madden
Don’t Build New Prisons; They Cost Too Much


5:00pm Display of Poster Presentation
6:00pm Public Forum: Do Prisons Change Lives?
Public panel discussion facilitated by Jon Faine from ABC Radio with special guests Greg Davies (Victims of Crime Commissioner), Jerry Madden (Right on Crime) Helen Barnacle (Psychologist), Karenza Louis Smith (ACSO) and Deborah Glass (Victorian Ombudsman)
7:00pm  Public Forum Close

Thursday 22 October 2015

8.00am Registration Desk Opens
8:45am Conference Opening
ACSO CEO Welcome

Welcome to Country

Noel C Tovey AM


Experiences in the Criminal Justice System

Noel C Tovey AM

 9:30am (Less) “Crime and Punishment”. The Revolution in Community Corrections
Associate Professor Angela Hawken (Pepperdine University, USA)
10:00am Morning Tea
Parallel Session

Offenders with Disabilities

Olympic Room


Jim Stynes A Room

Justice Reinvestment

Jim Stynes B Room

AoD and Criminal Justice

Jack Ryder Room

10:30am Dr Nicholas Collyer
(Queensland Advocacy, VIC)
People with intellectual disability & a rights based approach to criminal responsibility; identifying support needs, not labelling.
Dr Sarah Gray & Keith Ketheeswaran
(The GEO Group Australia, VIC)
The new ravenhall prison opening 2017: So what’s different?
Tiffany Overall (Smart Justice for Young People) & Ben Schokman
(Human Rights Law Center, VIC)
Justice reinvestment: reinvesting to change young lives
Shannon Bell & Angela Harney
(ReGen, VIC)
A year of torque; early evaluation findings of the catalyst non-residential rehabilitation pilot program for people involved with the justice system
11:00am Workshop 1.5hrs
Chelsea Troutman & Dr Frank Lambrick
(Office of Professional Practice, VIC)
Stepping beyond risk in order to manage recidivism: applying a strength-based approach to working with offenders with an intellectual disability
Carey Ewing
(Pathway, New Zealand)
The pathway from prison to community
Tal Karp 
(Victoria Legal Aid, VIC)
Justice reinvestment and diversionary programs
Dr Alana Johnston
(Caraniche, VIC)
Responsive offender treatment: targeting ice
 11:30am Dr Jeffery Pfeifer
(Swinburne, VIC)
Technology and offender re-integration: Is there a place for gaming?
Ben Schokman
(Human Rights Law Centre, VIC)
Unlocking community: international examples of local solutions to reduce imprisonment
Cheneal Puljevic
(Griffith University, QLD)
Extending smoking abstinence post release: a randomised controlled trial in queensland prisons
 12:00pm Dr Anna Eriksson
(Monash University, VIC)
Designing prisons for human interaction

Leigh Garrett (OARS)

Justice; its use and potential benefits in offender reintegration

Vaughan Winther
Innovation in drug rehabilitation: a coordinated approach to responding to the impact of Ice on the Victorian community
12:30pm Lunch
Parallel Session

ABI and criminal justice


Addressing disadvantage and complexity in the criminal justice system

Aboriginal Justice Issues


Human Rights Considerations


 1:30pm Symposium
Dr Mark Feigan (OPA, VIC), Dr Glenn Kelly (Diverge Consulting, VIC), Dr Genevieve McMahon (Diverge Consulting, VIC), Jessica Richter (Centre for Innovative Justice, VIC), Brigid Henley (Brosnan Services, VIC), Bernadette Saunders, Dr Anna Erisksson (Monash University), Dr Gay Lansdell (Monash, VIC)
Fewer sentences for better life stories.
Liza Stacey (St Vincent’s Correctional Health, VIC)
Working with identity within the forensic mental health environment
Emma Donlevy (Lifestyle Solutions, NSW)
Cultural connectedness: a way forward for Aboriginals with an intellectual disability living in remote Australia who are in contact with the criminal justice system
Dr Emma Phillips (Queensland Advocacy Inc, VIC)
Therapeutic rehabilitation or indefinite warehousing? Shining light on a closed system
2:00pm Julie Edwards (Jesuit Social Services, VIC)
Dropping off the edge 2015: Mapping location disadvantage and the geography of crime
Dr Shefali Rovik (Juvenile Justice- Department of Justice, NSW), Bron Parker (CatholiCCare, NSW), Scott Wood (Southern Youth and Family Services, NSW)
Celebrating several years of resilience in high risk Indigenous young women
John Izaac Minotty Pattiwael (Mawar Saron Legal Aid Institution, Indonesia)
Non-incarceration principle: Indonesian view to ennoble the dignity of children and youth rights
2:30pm Huy Luu (Australian Women’s Welfare Association Inc, VIC)
High number of Vietnamese prisoners: What can we do about it?
Shaun Braybrook (Department of Justice and Regulation, VIC) & Scott Wood 
Using culture as a vehicle to create change
Alexandra Jannetto and Diane White (Victoria Legal Aid, VIC)
From prison to plane: Changes to visa cancellation provision and the impact on prisoners
3:00pm  Afternoon Break
3:30pm ‘What can be done? Residential therapeutic treatment options for young people suffering substance abuse/ mental illness.’
Magistrate Jennifer Bowles (Children’s Court of Victoria)
 4:00pm Interactive Panel Discussion, brought to you by Athena Software: The impact of ICE on the community and the criminal justice system
An interactive panel discussion facilitated by Karenza Louis-Smith with special guests, Heather Pickard (SHARC), Professor Paul Dietze (Burnet Institute), Magistrate Jennifer Bowles, Associate Professor Angela Hawken and Superintendent Timothy Hansen.






Poster Presentations
Injecting Drug Use, Incarceration and Post-release: Implementation of the Prison and Transition Health (PATH) Cohort Study
Associate Professor Mark Stoove
Support After Prison: Consumers Experiences of Substance Misuse and Homelessness Following Release
Claire Taylor and Carolina Aguirre
Breaking the ICE- A Multi-modal Approach to the Effective Treatment of Complex Methamphetamine Use for Gay Men
James Anthony Dale
5:00pm – 7:00pm Welcome Reception and Yellow Ribbon event, brought to you by REOS Partners

Friday 23 October 2015

8:00am Registration Desk Opens
8:45am Welcome Back
Vaughan Winther

9:00am Don’t Build any More Prisons
Jerry Madden (Right on Crime, USA)
9:30am Why Prisons Work
Minister for Justice John (Johan) Elferink
(NT Government, NT)
10:00am Towards a Balanced Justice System
Justice Kofi Barnes (Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Canada)
10:30am Morning Tea
11:00am Creating more victims? The real role of prisons in the 21st century
Rob Hulls (Director, Centre for Innovative Justice RMIT, VIC)
11:30am Performance: Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company
12:00pm Impact of ICE on Families and the Community
Senator Jacqui Lambie (TAS)
12:30pm Lunch
Parallel Sessions

Youth Justice

Olympic Room

Leadership and Innovation in the Criminal Justice Sector

Jim Stynes A

People with Complex Needs and the Criminal Justice system

Jim Stynes B

 Justice Health and Offenders

Jack Ryder Room

  1:00pm Claire Taylor and Carolina Aguirre
(Youth Projects, VIC)
Support after prisons: experiences of substance misuse and homelessness following release

Workshop: 40mins

Gayle Hardie
(Global Leadership Foundation, VIC)
Emotionally Healthy Leadership 

Simon Wardale
(Endeavour Foundation, QLD)
The outcome of positive behaviour support training in a secure forensic service
Elisa Buggy
(Family Drug Court, VIC)
Reflections on the efficacy of justice based responses to health-based needs
  1:30pm Samantha Beeken
(Caraniche, VIC)
Who are Victoria’s young offenders?
Dr Nick Collyer
(Queensland Advocacy Inc, QLD)
Fitness for trial and the person with intellectual impairment accused of an offence; Is the current Australian test discriminatory?
Courtney Daly
(Bond University, QLD)
Psychological determinants of aggressions: Exploring the role of relational aggression as a Function of psychopathic characteristics
  2:00pm Faith Lakey and Bruce Young
(Caraniche, VIC)
Addressing transgenerational trauma through a new young father parenting program in youth justice

Workshop: 40mins

Athena Software

 Assoc. Prof. Chie Morisha (Ristumeikan University, Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Mashahiko Mizuto (Yamaguchi Prefectural University, Japan)
Comparative study of australian and Japanese forensic disability support

Lorrae Mynard (Forensicare, VIC)
Using events and activities to support the transition to smoke-free in a high security Forensic hospital
  2:30pm Jared Sharp and Franky Bain
(North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency, NT)
The Northern Territory youth justice crisis

Workshop: 40mins

REOS partners & ACSO
Social labs: Innovating together to transform the criminal justice system

Cristelle Mulvogue and Amanda Hendren
(Department of Communities, QLD)
Increasing support for offenders with a disability in the community
Shelly Walker
(Curtin University, WA)
Preliminary findings of the prisoner and transition health Cohort study
3:00pm Afternoon Break
3:15pm Interactive Panel discussion brought to you by Safe-T-Card:  Family Violence  and its impact on the community
An interactive panel discussion facilitated by Joanna Fletcher with special guests, Jacqui Watt, Dr Leigh Gassner, Phil Cleary, Elena Campbell and Deputy Chief Magistrate Felicity Broughton.
4:00pm  Performance: Choir of Hard Knocks
4:15pm  Closing Ceremony and Farewells